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Maximise Profitability with the Right Market Insight

Our advanced analytics enable you to plan more accurately and in-time. Understand the hidden risks and market movements to protect your margins, enable sustainable choices, and improve operational efficiency.

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360º Degree Insight for your Products

We break down regional market activity on a product level. Get customized, real-time feedback on your product demand from various data sources, and monitor the market for sudden changes.

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Automate and Spend Time on Important Things

We help you take care of the tasks you don't want to do, so you can save time and focus on what really drives your business.


Business Planning and Forecasting without MIR Insight


Gather historical sales data


Try to get a feel for the market


Subscribe to newsletters and check websites for updates


Integrate and translate external information into your spreadsheet


Debate and agree on a consensus


Continue to monitor your progress by calling around and reading news


Explain the results to your management and shareholders 

Business Planning and Forecasting with MIR Insight


Mir helps you gather and integrates all the data you need 

Mir takes care of steps 2-6 for you and provides you with a dynamic and customized view of future market activity.

2 - 6


Become better at planning, explaining, and updating results with Mir's comprehensive real-time insight.

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